The Preserve’s Sporting Clays league is halfway completed and heading for an end of the season banquet. Forty sportsmen meet at The Sporting Shoppe on Wednesday’s for fifty clays and dinner at the Members Lodge. The course is adjusted each week so that Range members are challenged by different presentations and elevations. Shooters are perfecting their leads and right to left shotgun rhythms as Richie, our Course Superintendent, keeps moving traps and changing sightlines. The weekly league is the perfect warm up for upland bird hunting season and our popular Traditional European High Tower Hunts.

October 12 is our first event of the fall and winter hunt seasons. Each begins 9 a.m. and after a gourmet breakfast buffet in our Members Lodge, we pair up shooters, then head for the 12 station course. Each peg includes shells, trained bird dogs and handlers. Guns are provided as necessary and many were built for traditional bird hunts at the FAMARS factory in Italy. 1500 pheasants will fly from our tower, some 210’ above our lowest station, as hunters rotate their way through tall logwood stations. Shooting n enthusiasts will appreciate a day of comradery and sport with hours of exciting pheasant hunting. Finally, each hunt at The Preserve is completed with a three-course surf and turf dinner, desert and Litchfield Bourbon. Reservations are open now for four dates.